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Why the Azores

Breathtaking Landscapes where you can Make it Happen




Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores represent a strategic point bridging the gap between Europe and the American continent. There are plenty of reasons why to choose the Azores, from its breathtaking landscapes to its local gastronomy, the unique experiences, and the architectural heritage/patrimony. Lifestyle is highly subjective but those who enjoy a slower pace of life, being close to nature, and investing time in their projects will definitely enjoy living in the Azores.
Forbes magazine has announced the Azores as one of the twenty best European destinations to live, invest and work in 2020. Many incentives have been put in place by the regional government to attract businesses and start-ups. With reduced VAT the Azores are among the European destinations with the best quality of life and the best value for money in real estate. The nine islands of the Azores are well connected both by plane or boat. There are also direct daily flights to the Portuguese mainland and international destinations.

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