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Project Description Call Funding Project Role
FRUTTMAC FRUTTMAC is a project of broad R + D + i cooperation between research centers, universities, and companies, with the active participation of regional and island public administrations, as well as different professional associations. It is a comprehensive project that aims to improve the foundations for sustainable development of tropical orchards in Macaronesia, thus favoring greater resilience in the face of new scenarios such as climate change. Interreg MAC 83.000,00€ Promoter
SMART-ECO The SMART-ECO project consists of creating a platform for smart cities to improve the digital competitiveness of companies, micro-companies, independent workers, and entrepreneurs. This digital transformation of the local economy will result in a greater capacity for companies to grow in regional, national, and international markets, and will contribute to the economic diversification of the MAC Space.  Interreg MAC 88.867,78€ Promoter

LIVERUR aims to expand the innovative concept of Living Labs and new business models to rural regions. The basis for the strategic development of a Rural Living Lab is to establish sustainable partnerships between interested parties: end-users, political agents, companies, and researchers to develop innovative rural business models, which embrace the concept of circular economy and social innovation. LIVERUR conducts socio-economic analyzes to identify, describe, and compare the differences between the Living Lab approach and other more traditional ones (mass production, development of prices, optimizing cost structures with companies, rationalization).

Horizon 2020

14.990,00€ 3rd party/ service provider
TERINOV Internationalization project compromises the promotion and international dissemination of TERINOV's scientific ecosystem. The project intends to establish TERINOV and tenant entities in the global science and technology panorama, with a particular focus on the European Single Market and the United States. TERINOV aims to organize a set of Info Days to disclose the networks, partners, and mobility opportunities that result from this internationalization process to the entities established at TERINOV and other regional stakeholders. The project also compromises the organization of an international conference held in TERINOV, which will affirm the organization's presence in scientific, technological, and innovation contexts worldwide. PO Açores 2020 99.866,40€ Promoter
Accelerating Research
Agro-industrial production is a complex global enterprise with growing needs. TERnet - Accelerating Research through International Network Collaborations will foster collaborations of transregional and international scope to promote advancements in modern agriculture. Precision agriculture, remote sensing, earth observation, and modeling and data analysis technologies are the backbones for this progress. The emerging network resulting from the interactions developed with a group of organizations and strategic partners will allow accelerating the process of scientific discovery and the sharing of fundamental knowledge in the search for innovative and sustainable solutions for the agro-industrial sector. PO Açores 2020 30.000,00€ Promoter



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