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Located on Terceira Island, TERINOV - Science and Technology Park is at the forefront of technology-based entrepreneurship in the Azores. We support entrepreneurs and researchers in developing new ideas and transforming innovative projects into business realities. Our strategic areas include Agribusiness, Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs), Green Economy, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Some of the most innovative work is taking place in our scientific ecosystem, right in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. We strive to go beyond the perceived limitations of being located in an outermost region. Here, in our scientific ecosystem, we all share a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, which plays a pivotal role in compensating for the constraints arising from our geographical remoteness. Through their work, the companies and scientific entities established in the park are paving the way for our region's future, and we are proud to be a part of this journey. Unleash your creativity and bring ideas to life!


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