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CFX Gaming



At CFX Gaming, we aim to be one of the most solid crypto gaming development companies in the world. 2022 will be the year where we solidify our position in the market as one of the true quality over quantity providers of crypto-driven entertainment. This year, we expand our company with a new branch focused on helping aspiring developers and entrepreneurs from the traditional space get their crypto gaming projects launched with the use of our vast network of crypto industry companies that we have built over the last years. We were founded in mid-2021 when our first game idea was born for the crypto NFT market. After successful funding rounds, we established our company and its mission. Our board consists of experienced driven entrepreneurs that have a track record of successful businesses in several different industries. At the time of writing, CFX Gaming has 34 full-time employees coming from traditional gaming studios and marketing agencies. We are actively seeking out new talent from all around the world.


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